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All About Family Values

When we say that we’re a family practice, we truly mean family! Dr. Tim is proud to announce the addition of his daughter, Dr. Kristina, to the Skraitz Chiropractic family!

Our doctors have a combined 33 years of clinical experience and frequently see patients together to provide the best possible environment and treatment protocol for you, the patient, to see results. In addItion to chiropractic adjustments, our doctors provide our patients with individualized active and passive therapy programs to improve muscle tone, symmetry, and balance.


Dr. Timothy B. Skraitz

As the Palmer College of Chiropractic Class of December 1984 Valedictorian, Dr. Tim not only excelled academically but also clincally, as he was awarded the 1984 Clinical Excellence Award. Dr. Tim has over 30 years of clinical experience and has completed numerous post doctoral certifications including Whiplash Associated Disorders from the San Diego Spine & Research Institute and Manipulation Under Anesthesia from Logan College of Chiropractic. Dr. Tim is a Diplomat in the American Academy of Pain Management and a Diplomat in the American Academy of Functional Neurology. Dr. Tim is a member of an elite group of chiropractors designated as Chiropractic Neurologists. Dr. Tim frequently travels to Atlanta, GA to learn and train under Dr. Frederick Carrick at the Carrick Brain Institue. Dr. Tim most recently completed advance certification in Childhood Learning Disabilities and is certified by the American Academy of Functional Neurology to treat conditions including (but not limited to) Autism, ADHD, Aspberger’s, Dyslexia, and Functional Disconnect Syndrome.

Dr. Kristina Skraitz

is a 2014 Honors graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. She has trained and completed extensive post doctoral course work in Pediatrics and Women through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and completed her clinical training under Dr. Cherrie Marriott, D.I.C.C.P., Palmer College of Chiropractic’s leading Pediatric practitioner. Dr. Kristina traveled to Vietnam in June 2013 to provide chiropractic care to over 3,000 people. She works with patients of all ages and loves working with kids and their moms! Dr. Kristina is certified in the Webster Technique, which reduces tension in the pregnant pelvis to provide a more enjoyable, pain-free pregnancy, and a favorable environment that can allow malpositioned babies the opportunity to turn “head down” for a more ideal birth position. Dr. Kristina is proud to partner with the American Pregnancy Association to provide excellent chiropractic care to women in all stages of pregnancy or women trying to become pregnant.    For more information on the American Pregnancy Association, visit www.americanpregnancy.org

Dr. Michael Forstner

Dr. Michael Forstner is a structurally based chiropractor who focuses on the health of the Nervous System, to allow the proper communication between the brain and the body. He believes that each body can reach its full potential with correct alignment in the spine. Dr. Michael also believes that a healthy lifestyle outside the office can be the difference between pain relief and true wellness care.

Dr. Michael grew up in small town Wisconsin where he was the “work horse” of his soccer team. His dedication to soccer and his ability to play the sport at an elite level often lead to wear and tear on his body. When he began to play Varsity, he accumulated multiple injuries and chose chiropractic care to alleviate the pain. While attending University Wisconsin of Oshkosh, Dr. Michael declared a major in Pre-Med Biology to pursue a career in Chiropractic, in hopes to one day help athletes like himself.

Dr. Michael was accepted to Palmer College of Chiropractic in the Fall of 2013. During his time at Palmer he not only worked side by side with Dr. Cherrie Marriot, D.I.C.C.P., Palmer College of Chiropractic’s leading Pediatric practitioner, he was also an intern in the Rehabilitation Center. This unique opportunity allowed Dr. Michael to work with a wide variety of patients, from the littlest infant to the marathon runner. Dr. Mike has spent time outside of the classroom attending seminars certifying himself in various techniques including Logan, Activator, and NIMMO Soft Tissue. Before graduating in February 2017, Dr. Mike had the opportunity to work in Portland, Oregon at City Chiropractic with Dr. Larry Hamberg. During his time at City Chiropractic Dr. Michael performed consultations, exams, and x rays, an important first look in to the history of a new patient.

Dr. Michael is overjoyed to now be living in Pittsburgh with longtime yinzer girlfriend Dr. Sara Trefnoff. When the opportunity arose to work with Dr. Tim and Dr. Kristina at Skraitz Chiropractic he knew that it was the perfect fit for his career in Pennsylvania. When Dr. Michael isn’t in the office you can find him still playing soccer, hiking, and at Mingo Park with his Border Collie Gambit.